How does it work

Are you an unattached committed (born-again) Christian looking for friendship, a relationship, love, romance and yes, even marriage?

  • It is of the utmost importance that we operate this service according to a Code of Conduct (Terms and Conditions as set out in the Membership Agreement) and thus it is our desire to uphold this service to the best of our ability (according) to Christian principles (which is why we ask certain questions on the Membership form!).
  • Complete the Membership form in full and please be specific with regards to certain questions.
    • Click on SUBMIT at the end of the form and it comes directly to me.
    • I compile your profile and email it to you in our Standard Letter Two for any amendments.
      You will also will receive our Standard Letter One which includes banking details and various discount packages which fluctuate (discount/special offers are not stated on the website).
    • Once letters emailed to you, you will receive an automotive SMS/Text to check your mail!
    • Once you activate your membership by paying a nominal membership fee
      • I personally forward (email) your profile (and photo) just to selective members according to your/their preference / as close as possible.
      • And in turn, you receive their profile.
      • Once profiles received – members then contact one another directly.
      • An initial email to establish contact and thereafter and by mutual agreement between members, do you connect – via SMS/WhatsApp/telephonically etc
      • Meeting one on one in neutral surroundings / in public over a cup of coffee or whatever... would ultimately be the next step and you both go from there.
  • Members regularly keep in contact with me via email, provide feedback (on progress) and list of profiles received thus far. Profiles are emailed regularly upon request / your profile fits the specifications of another gent/lady member requesting profiles and/or new members joining and your and their specifications are similar.
  • I personally (together with the Leading of the Holy Spirit) facilitate membership / matchmaking / introductions.
  • Operating as an Introduction Service, upon completion of Membership form and joining as a member, thereafter members need not log onto our Website, as all communication is then directly between each member and the Facilitator.
  • You are under no obligation to join even after we have received your membership form
  • REGISTRATION IS FREE by completing the Membership form, however, in order to meet other like-minded Christians, you activate your membership by choosing one of our affordable packages and paying a membership fee.
  • We provide a personalised service, as well as one that is a lot safer. This is a big fear for people when using Internet Dating Services - you have no idea how authentic that person really is, or if all the things they say about themselves are really true!
  • With Connecting Christians - There is at least a certain amount of monitoring i.e. a third party (me!) knows both of you just a bit, plus the third party knows that you are "meeting". That in itself is a safeguard.
  • Having said this, we are not against Internet dating. Many successful relationships have developed through the internet. However, caution and wisdom is strongly advised.
  • Our Membership data base consists of genuine and authentic Born-Again Christian Believers. There are No Chancers / Scammers on our large data base.
  • My passion and vision is to make a difference!
  • If you still unsure or in doubt you are more than welcome to Contact Debbie

Who should join

Only Committed (born-again) Christians who are Divorced/Widowed/Not yet married are eligible to join and thus become a member of Connecting Christians. There are no exceptions.

Why Should You Become A Member

There are many internet dating services/agencies out there but this one is different and here are just a few reasons why you should join:

  • We make it easy as possible for you to meet other like-minded Christians! It's as simple as that.
  • We offer a personalised one-on-one introductions and not posted personal ads that really do not say anything, nor do they take your beliefs/desires into consideration.
  • Many people dislike bars and clubs and therefore Connecting Christians provides people with the opportunity to meet like-minded Believers.

Should you not just trust God for a partner?

I get asked that question many times and my opinion - based on biblical evidence ..

You are not doing God's work for Him...
You are merely placing yourself in the position whereby you can meet people.

To quote a member - which I believe sums it up..

“I am not going to go out and find a husband .. but I am going to put myself in a place where God can actually bring someone along my path”

You could sit at home and wait for God to send someone literally knocking on your door.... and He has been known to do that! However, we do have to do our part and once we have cast our net.. then it is up to God to do the rest and He will..

He uses all circumstances and situations and places to bring His people together, you can meet someone in the park, at church., in the library, on the beach, in the street, at a restaurant, through friends, through Connecting Christians.

If you or I were doing God's work for Him, then guaranteed this service would not be successful, then I would be involved in the wrong ministry!!

We have to get out there and do things in faith, taking a step of faith is what God expects us to do.
This is not a marriage bureau, you not joining a marriage bureau, whereby you are guaranteed to find a wife / husband but you will meet people and hopefully someone special which ultimately will lead to marriage (as many members have).

Like looking for a new job, we cannot sit at home waiting can we?!
Or if we want to lose weight or get fit, do we sit and home or do we do something about it?
Or want to learn to dance. How do we do that, by waiting on God or get out there and do it - and God will do more than you could ever hope for!!

- and yes the Word does state - we need to wait on Him - and His timing is perfect.
As Joyce Meyer shares... God will do His part .. but we also have to do our part...we cannot sit around doing nothing.

Or let us take it even a step further, a person needs some form of counselling, be it with a respected Counsellor or even a Psychologist - now GOD is the Healer, and He restores and heals the broken hearted. So why go to man when He can do it? Of course we could work through it ourselves with just God and receive counselling and healing. BUT God uses man. God created man to use their intelligence and gifts thus to bless others - professionally too!!

Yes we trust God and He is control. However, He does expect us to get out there and it does not mean you desperate, it merely means you have a desire and that is the truth.

How To Join

  • Decide that you would like to change your social life.
  • Complete the Membership form and click onto SUBMIT button at the end of form.
  • We will make contact with you shortly after receiving your Membership form.
  • Should you have any questions (relating to becoming a member) - you welcome to Email Debbie

An example of a standard profile (which I compile based on information on your Membership form)


About me:

Age: 40
Marital Status: Divorced
Occupation: Accountant
Height: 1.80m
Colour of hair: Brown
Colour of eyes: Blue

Son aged 17 and daughter aged 15.

How I would describe myself (Character/personality):
I am caring, loving, gentle yet strong, warm hearted and considerate and so on.

Church Group Affiliation:
Live Church.
Involvement / Ministries / Serving (within and outside a church group):
Home cell member. Youth Leader.
Compassion. Mentoring. Teaching the Word.

Hobbies / Interests / Sport:

Reading, listening to music, play guitar, cooking, dining out, picnics. Aerobics, gym, swimming, play squash, enjoy water skiing, paragliding and yachting. I love animals, enjoy board games, scrap booking and photography. Travel – local and international – getaways – camping, nature, mountains, scenic drives, exploring places of interest.

Degree – Bachelor of Arts.

In Faith and by God’s Grace – where I would like to see myself Five years from now:
Married and serving God together with my partner. Hopefully with a child or two. Enjoying my career.

About my perfect match and who I am trusting God for:
God is number one in your life – you are passionate about Him. A leader. You are kind, caring, loving and understanding. Family orientated. You love children and so on.

I reside in ROSEBANK.
Mobile no:

* not a real person

We are...

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord "They are plans for good and not for evil" Plans to give you a future and a hope"

Jeremiah 29 vs 11 (Living Bible)

He is omni present

Mobile: 079 088 3892 / Email Debbie:

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