Membership Fees (Step 2 of 9)

Once you have read the membership fees - scroll down to access Membership form.
  • Hereunder six products - choose the package that best suits you!
    • During completion of Membership form - where applicable, kindly stipulate the type of package/membership fee you have chosen.
    • Once we have received your form – Your choice is subject to change!! - thus have the choice (to chose) a different package before activation (of membership) or upgrade at a later stage.
  • REGISTRATION IS FREE by completing the Membership form, however, in order to have contact with other like-minded Christians, you activate your membership by choosing one of our affordable packages and paying a subscription (membership) fee.
  • Introductions (profiles) commence upon activation of membership (i.e. upon payment of chosen membership fee/package).
    • Selective profiles are (then) personally forwarded via email to relevant member and not via the website.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Membership fee packages are once off payments (i.e. valid for duration of membership) and not payable per month/instalments.

(The aim and sole purpose for the different packages is purely to enable membership affordable to everyone including those experiencing financial constraints).

BRONZE and SILVER packages below - “Across the Board Introductions” : Including Middle Management, Administration, IT, Secretarial, Ministry, Civil Service and Artisans (such as Electricians, Plumbers etc)

1. BRONZE package R300 valid for 09 months membership
2. SILVER package  R360 valid for 12 months membership
3. DIAMOND package R1000 valid for 12 months membership

DIAMOND package above - Top Level Professional Introductions: DIAMOND Members shall be entitled to exclusive introductions i.e. to other Unattached Business Executives / Professional Committed (born-again) Christians.

The above DIAMOND package entitles the Member to one of the following:

  • OPTION A: Membership would be extended free of charge for a further three (3) to six (6) months. Duration your choice and decision can be made as you go along.
    • one (1) (unattached) *family member/friend/colleague/acquaintance shall be entitled to join free of charge for twelve (12) months membership
    • Thus will be referred to Principal member's "Guest"
    • Exclusive to unattached committed (born-again) Christians.
    • Free membership i.e. "Guest" will not be limited to Professional / Executive introductions.
    • Terms and Conditions apply as set out in the Membership Agreement.
    • Option Two to be utilised within the first six (6) months of the Principal member’s membership.
    • Guest should then complete his/her membership form and question regarding PACKAGES state “Joining as guest of and your name.
4. SENIOR package   (i.e. Persons 60+ who are semi/part time or full time employed) R300 valid for 24 months membership
5. RETIREMENT package (i.e. Persons 60+ who are retired / pensioners) R200 valid for 24 months membership
6. STUDENT package (FULL TIME Students who are not employed part or full time) R250 valid for 12 months membership

Banking details and payment options:

  • Banking details provided upon receipt of your completed membership form, which also includes your profile based on information supplied (on your form) i.e. Our Standard Letter Two.
  • Please note: You are under no obligation to join once we have received your Membership form.
  • Members have two options of payment, namely:
    • Direct bank cash deposit or
    • Internet Transfer - which ever is the more convenient to yourself.
  • Direct Cash Deposit: For easy reference - it is imperative that you write your name (and surname) on deposit slip.
  • Internet Transfer: Kindly SMS/Email Proof of Payment during online banking.
  • Regret cheques not accepted.
  • Regret no credit card facility.
  • No need to fax through copy of deposit. We will receive a "notify me" text message from (our) bank (confirming deposit).
  • For security reasons, kindly do not mail a cheque or cash through land post.

If finances prevent you from joining, connect with us and make us aware of this and we can and will make a plan for a reduction*

* duration and discount (i.e. reduction) purely at the discretion of the Connecting Christians Facilitator.

We operate very differently to Internet dating sites, hence the reason we do not offer monthly rates.

Encourage you to be open in this regard. Nobody must be prevented from joining due to lack of finances. I am very aware of (and have a heart for) single moms and other Believers who are struggling in general (finances).

Instalments just create more administration.

It is imperative to make this Service affordable to ALL unattached Born-Again Christians.

Having said this, because this is a Christian service and because God is at the Helm of this Introduction Service, I am responsible to Him for the running of this service, therefore (I) always prayerfully consider requests for lower/reduced fees, and if you believe you fall into this category, you are requested to complete the membership form in the meantime, simultaneously stating your request (at the end of the form in ADDITIONAL COMMENTS).
Having your details in front of me which makes it a whole lot easier, to know for whom I am praying (for)!

Mobile: 079 088 3892 / Email Debbie:

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